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Do you hate me? Like me? Is there anything you want to tell me, but you dare not voice out? Bad comments? Good comments? This is the chance for you to voice out. Say anything you like/dislike about me. Stupid, smart, crazy, funny or whatever. You can even comment from my head to toe. My appearance, my attitude, my behaviour, my studies, anything! I'm ready to accept any comment. Anyone is allowed to comment. I hope you will spend some time on this. Click submit once you're done. Please be serious, no joking. Result will not be revealed to anyone.


Put any name you like, but I hope you will put your real name. I won't kill you, hate you, or whatever, because only true friend tells the truth. =)

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Please leave your email address, phone number or any contact info if you need a reply from me. Leave a dash ( - ) if you don't want to.


You can say anything about me. Negative comments or positive comments are acceptable, as long as they came from your heart but not from others. Please give some explanations/reasons.